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Industrial Automation

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Industrial Automation
  • Wide Variety of I/O Interfaces
    • Serial and GPIO interfaces for excellent I/O connectivity
    • LAN Interfaces for communicating with multiple networks
  • Flexible Expansion
  • Cable Free Environment
  • Withstands extensive level of vibration
  • Industrial serial port design provides perfect communication interface capable of operating in harsh environment
  • High thermal conductivity efficiently dissipates heat throughout the system
  • 32-Bit PCI or PCIe x1 expansion capability allows adding expansion cards for a wide variety of applications
  • Wide Range of Applications

    Factory Automation, Power and Energy, Medical Automation, Building Automation, Transportation Automation, Production Line , Energy Management, Patient Condition monitoring, Facility Monitoring, Faciity Monitoring, Testing / Inspection Line, Power Generation, Multimedia Entertainment for Patients, Automatic Gate Control, FGate Access control, Packing Area, Light Sensor, electronic Ticketing, Flight Information Display System